Christmas Stocking Craft Day!

It's a tradition in our family to have fun, unique hand-made Christmas stockings. Deb's and my mom's are simple felt stockings with fabric painted names and fabric decorations, mine is a green and white checker-board pattern high-heeled boot and the pets each have their own as well, a fish for midnight and a bone for Jett. When I was dating Bryce, he had just gotten back from Iraq so we teamed up with his mother and drafted a pattern for a Christmas stocking from his army boot. Deb created it and it looked amazing, sadly I didn't take a picture of it before I mailed it to him last week so he would have it in time for Christmas. But it was awesome. So this past Friday, I designed a Christmas stocking for Chris, inspired by his favorite book series The Dark Tower by Stephen King. As you can tell by the book cover I posted last week, the main character is pretty much a cowboy, so this Christmas stocking is based on an image of a cowboy boot I found online and distorted a little.

Here's the pattern (sorry it's a pdf)

Roland's Boot

and after working on it all day on Sunday, this is the final product Debbie and I created from scratch.

It lost some of the detail of the patter obviously (and turned out super tiny...oops!) but I think it turned out great! Somehow I found the perfect button for the spur  and the way I wrote his name ended up looking like fancy lasso work.

And even his kitties, Inigo and Fezzik will be getting a Christmas Stocking this year!

We had so much fun working on these! I need to have more craft days, but I always say that and never actually make it happen... I'm not going to doom it by calling it a New Year's Resolution...