Apron Project Progress

Got my goal accomplished for tonight...albeit at 3am...(Hey, gimme a break, I was watching Lost Season 1, I was distracted) Got the front of the apron totally cut out and assembled. I think it looks pretty snazzy so far.

So that's that, I'm quite pleased with it. The other one I make will be the reds and purples of the group. can't wait to see how this looks when it's done. I'll have to cook more now though...you know, to justify having a crazy awesome apron...mmm cooking. I'm hungry...we'll it's been quite a while since dinner time so I guess that makes sense...I forget to eat when I focus on projects...*shrug* Morning will come soon enough.

Not sure if I'll get to work on this more tomorrow or not, but that's alright, after 8 hours of working on it tonight, I could use a break.