Mannequin Progress and other Adventures

Went to my first Roller Derby last night at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium with Mike. I thought it was crazy awesome and can't wait for the next bout. The seats might have been less than awesome but we definitely got a birds eye view of the action. Next time it might be nice to have ringside seats to see if any derby girls fall in our laps (but they say that we can't take them home with us if they do...darn) Knowing very little about Derby before coming I was really excited to figure out the rules and see how it all works. I also didn't know who to cheer for so I randomly chose the Garda Belts (based on their intro that featured bag pipers) and the Dagger Dolls (based on the fact that some of them were wearing tutus). Sadly they both got trounced by the Atomic Bombshells and the Rockits (respectively) but that's okay...they played really well... The game was all sold out so I was really glad Mike got tickets earlier this week. Super Win.

Just in case you thought I was slacking off on the mannequin I thought I'd update with some pictures so you knew that wasn't the case. It's been a little dull because I was determined to get the base coats done on all of the limbs so that I could paint on them simultaneously and make sure things came together alright. Have a little bit of touching up to do but I'm pretty much at the point where things will get interesting! yay!

In addition to the Mannequin project, I've taken on a collaboration project with my graphic designer friend who wanted a series of paintings for his newly painted office. He designed the layout and the subject matter, I'm going to paint it...should be interesting...especially with the crazy tree he decided to throw at me...jerk... Just started griding off the canvases based on the photoshop file he sent me last night and can't wait to get started! :D Cause you know...I need a new project like I need a hole in my head... oh should keep me out of trouble. :p

Good times...very good times...