Long overdue update, Job, Travel and Zoos

So, as I'm sure you have noticed, I'm not a very consistant blogger. I get so darn caught up in the activities that I'm doing that I forget to write about them...I think I have a lot to talk about...like a lot a lot...Tons of great things have been happening and I can't remember what I've written and what I haven't. I may have mentioned this once before, but in case I haven't I should say that I found out a few weeks ago that my bosses at the company that I've been doing my externship at for the past few months have decided they want to bring me on full time after graduation. At EatonGolden, I've been learning more about Information Architecture and Usability for websites. It's been really exciting being fully immersed in the projects and I've had fun getting to work with real clients with truly talented professionals. I was so lucky to have John as a professor at MCAD where he could preview my work ethic and personality. When he knew I was looking for an externship we both felt I would be a good fit for EatonGolden. I love having a job that motivates me to work harder, learn more and improve my skills constantly. Plus everyone there seems to like me...always a plus! My official start date should be sometime early June. I'm still working as an intern until I graduate, but it certainly feels good to know that I won't have to worry about the whole job hunt thing after school...

Speaking of graduation...hard to believe it's almost here...I've spent roughly 75% of my life in school...Now it's time for the "real world". Luckily the transition will be super smooth since I've been working full time for 4 months and not taking classes anyway... but still...weird. Although I'll never stop learning and pushing myself to try new things, it will feel strange not being in a formal education system anymore... but the lasting impression of student debt will no doubt keep me company for years to come...

More exciting news...after graduation I'm going to spend 11 days in Guatemala with a group of fellow MCAD students. We will be working with the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy to paint a mural and do some community outreach work with the students. I can't wait! It will be so nice to get out of the country for a bit and do something good for other people. I was so happy when my bosses at EG encouraged me to take some time off for travel after commencement because that was one of my main concerns about going on the trip. I didn't want that to be a hinderance to my hiring potential at all. (I seriously can't count all the ways that I love my job, but the primary thing is the people I work with).

In other news, went to the MN Zoo, compliments of MCAD this afternoon. Took TONS of pictures, hopefully some of it will inspire art soon. The sea dragons were particularly awesome and beautiful, so was the Amur Leopard (I was amazed to learn that there are only about 30 Amur leopards in the wild!!! holy crap! that's ridiculous!!! and I thought I was amazed by there being only about 4,000 tigers in the wild...). If you want to see all of the pictures I took, I've posted them on facebook and you can see them here and here. But here's a preview...[gallery]

Be expecting more art from me in the future, I just dropped entirely too much money on new art supplies to play with and I can't wait to test them out more. I have that mural for my friend to make some more progress on, the mannequin is getting lonely, these new zoo photos to play with and I've been making feather fascinators like crazy. I should post those soon, they're super awesome.

For now, I'm going to wrap this up so I can get ready to go to Balls Cabaret at Midnight. Good times!