Next chapter

Graduation is tomorrow and it still hasn't really hit me. It feels like I've been out of school for the past 4 months anyway since I've been working full time anyway and not actually taking any classes. Which is great because it will make the transition so much easier. Looking back on the past three years of MCAD, I kind of wish I could go back and do it again with my current state of mind. I feel like I wasted a lot of energy on things that didn't matter. Recently I've been able to pour so much of who I am into projects that are important to me. I went a little overboard in fact. Too many huge things going on right now that I'm spread a little thin. But I'm really happy with where I'm at so that's what is important. Here's the breakdown for the weekend... Today after work I'm running to the Verizon store to see if they can hook me up with a phone for my travels next week, probably should have done this sooner but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Around 3 today we have graduation rehearsal, it'll be fun to see everyone again today and get a preview of how this whole thing is going to work. Then at 4:30 I'm meeting with the Guatemala group to take care of any last minute freakiness that we haven't figured out yet. (I just got butterflies in my tummy...I can't believe I'm doing this trip, it's been so distant for so long, now that it's less than a week away I just can't believe it.) Then I get to see Iron Man 2 tonight and I'll be finishing my friday with Midnight Muse Review presents Carvival at Ground Zero.

Saturday is commencement and the reception. Hopefully both will go off without a hitch and no parental drama will ensue. I'm so glad the sun has finally come out of hiding just in time for graduation. Sounds like it's going to be a gorgeous day. Along with receiving my ceremonial fake piece of paper (we don't actually get our diplomas tomorrow) we find out who won the Van Derlip Grant. I think there are 5 Grants to be awarded, one for the Bachelor of Science program specifically. The application involved writing about 1 or 2 of your best projects. I used the project that I did for Psychology of Social Interaction that involved looking at Subway's website and finding ways to improve it after doing a Heuristic report, competitive analysis, and wireframe usability testing. It was my first real exposure to what I'm doing now and actually lead to me getting my internship with EatonGolden. I compared it to a project that I did at EatonGolden, showing just how much I've grown in this field in a few short months. The grant is intended to encourage students to travel after graduation and broaden their view of the world before starting their career. It certainly would make the trip to Guatemala a little less painful for me financially. It's already paid for but I took quite a hit for it, I couldn't let this opportunity slide. There's plenty of money in the world, they print more all the time, but experiences like this are few and far between. I was lucky enough to get the encouragement from EatonGolden to take some time off after graduation to travel so I knew I had to take advantage of it. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I know there are quite a few other applicants in my degree that are extremely talented and every bit as deserving as I am.

Sunday and Monday will be a blur of packing, a workshop, an Art Pandemonium meeting (this week's assignment was Macro and I finished mine last night, woot!), last minute seeing friends and reassuring family that I'll be okay. That's a short version of the list... I probably shouldn't be spending so much time having fun tonight, I'm really going to miss the people I'm seeing tonight, so it's important.

I'm not ready for any of this, graduation, my trip, the performance later this month...not in the slightest. Life certainly doesn't wait for you. Events don't line up perfectly and sometimes procrastination bites you in the bum... I'm learning to roll with the punches and enjoy every second I've got.

Hopefully I'll make time for another post before I leave detailing exactly where I'm going, what we're doing and when I'll be back.

I think there was another thing I wanted to mention, but I'm really scatterbrained today... oh well. probably wasn't important... time to get on with my day and actually get stuff done...