What a trip...

This was a rough weekend for me...the Volcano in Guatemala City erupting, Tropical Storm Agatha flooding the country, mudslides and sinkholes making travel dangerous if not impossible, terrifying border crossing into Mexico, sleeping in the lobby of a closed airport and canceled flights. I am so very very glad to be home... When I've regained my mind after this really stressful journey I'm planning on writing about the various aspects of my trip in different posts since there is way too much to cover in just one post. I'm hoping to write about the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy, the mural we painted for them, the excursions we went on, traditional weaving techniques we learned about, the chaotic adventure back home and once I learn more about the need, I want to write about how you can help.

This was a very eye opening trip. I'm still in shock and being back home with all the things I've taken for granted feels very surreal. Things as simple as flushing toilet paper or being able to brush my teeth with tap water...hell drinking tap water in general feels weird. My first night sleeping in my own bed with my cat curled up next to me still feels like a dream. I can't wait to catch up with all of my friends and family. I've been very homesick for the past two weeks.

I'm going to start uploading my photos and hopefully start putting together a section of this site for the Guatemala Saga. Just because I'm home doesn't mean this trip is over. Now is the time to share the story and inspire action, and now the need is greater.

Much love to all of you, it's good to be home