Overdue Tie Skirt Post

yeah, so remember that tie skirt that I was talking about a couple of months ago? yeah, it's finished and awesome (as it has been for a couple of months...). I fail at updating this thing. purely and utterly fail...but that's okay, usually that just means I have better things to do. That's been mostly true lately...I'll get to that though...first, the promised pictures...

This was me trying something a little different. You can kind of tell from the picture of the front that the ties have been cut open and flattened out to make them extra wide. This also made the skirt considerably lighter weight than my past three skirts, all of which were zig-zag stitched together totally intact with the lining inside. Leaving the lining inside made for some interesting lines and warping since ties are cut on the bias of the fabric. When the ties are stitched together like this, you usually have to use more ties, since the part at the top is a lot narrower.

This new method allowed me to use fewer ties (saving me money) and make a skirt that was more comfortable to wear in the spring/summer. Since many of the silk ties were very light weight (and a little transparent) I lined the skirt inside with a cheap lining fabric. In order to match the flow of the ties, the lining fabric had to be cut unto similar shapes and sewn together to create the lining skirt. Although extremely tedious, this proved to be the way to go, making the skirt and lining flow better together when I move and far more comfortable to wear than if I had just made the lining skirt out of two tapered pieces.

Going with the Spring/Summer feel, I chose brightly colored ties, mostly purples, teals and blues. Also, if you look closely you'll see that every other tie is a stripped one.

I would have to say that this is my new favorite tie skirt. The method was far more time consuming but ultimately very rewarding. The end result was a fun skirt that moves with me and is much sturdier than it's predecessors. It certainly had it's hiccups along the way but it was a great learning experience!