Gettin' Trikky with it

As some of you may or may not know, I've been working on setting up an event called Musical Notes and Brush Strokes for The Wildcat Sanctuary this coming Saturday (June 18th) at the Excelsior Dunn Brothers from 8-10pm featuring the fabulous Dana Thompson. We'll also be displaying a gallery of art by local artists that have donated their work for the benefit of TWS's residents. Not only that, but we'll have live painting by my beautiful and talented friend Mandi Bettenhausen. How exciting is that? Part of the art show will involve the display of these great Trikky dolls that will have been painted and decorated to the heart's content of the artists that make them. Mine is coming along pretty well, although not nearly quickly enough... really I should be working on that right now, but I'm rather enjoying hanging out blogging out on my friend David's porch. It would be a SHAME to get paint on his swinging porch chair...a shame...

So for now, here are some progress images of my doll. His name is Rocky and he's from my most favorite web comic ever, Lackadaisy cats. Perfect for our upcoming Jungle Boogie event when the theme will be the Roaring 20's :)

He's starting to look a little crazy... so it's perfect!