Clearing my head with Paradox

Now that summer has finally shown it's face after a looooooong and somewhat painful winter, some of us at the EatonGolden office have been making the effort to enjoy every drop of Vitamin D we can eek out of the sun by going on 30 minute walks through the neighborhood or walking around Normandale Lake. I feel like Ms_Rezai has had a lot to do with this little culture shift because she is usually the one to burst out of her office, FitBit and RunKeeper in tow, trying to wrangle up people to go with her. Usually it will be Zach, Mahtab and I, which gives the three of us a chance to talk about UX on the road. Ideas flow a bit more freely when you are influenced by events outside of your office's walls. Although the conversations almost always stray from our current projects, it's funny how we usually end up right back to the root of what we do, Experiences. These meandering collaborations of thought help us to connect as coworkers, peers and friends. Mahtab's mentorship is already helping me to discover where I want to grow as a professional and I'm excited to work on a project with her because I have seen Zach benefit so much from the experience.

The office culture has been evolving in such a way that we are encouraged to invest this time in ourselves, to recharge and connect and I feel so fortunate to be part of a company that is on the forefront of what is being called The Productivity Paradox. I read this article today and it just reinforced my feeling that going for these walks in the middle of the day is pretty much vital for my work and mental health.

By the end of our walks, I feel revitalized, inspired and ready to dig back into the work I was doing before we left. There's nothing like knowing the work I do provides meaningful experiences for people doing tasks that aren't generally the most fun to do.

@NikkiPilkington's #30DayBlog challenge: Day 1 - "Are you ready?"

Note, these should be daily blogs but this weekend will be an exception because I'll be out of town and without internet. Not a great way to start a 30 day challenge but at least I got one done and scheduled...I promise I'll catch up ;)