Agility for Fun!

In an effort to spend more time with my dog, I decided to splurge a little on Sawyer this year for Christmas. I signed us up for "Agility for Fun" through the Canine Coach. This is the same place that we did Obedience levels 1 and 2 as well as Leash training and Dog/Human socialization. Last year, Sawyer had built a reputation for himself as being the sassy, unapproachable dog with more attitude than his little body should contain. But as we took classes and I continued to work with him throughout the year, he started to open up and trust people a little bit more. Chris has done a lot to help Sawyer be more comfortable around men too, which has been wonderful to see.

Adopting rescue dogs means you have to deal with the baggage they come with, and sometime it isn't easy but it's always worth it. Around this time last year, my family was telling me Sawyer was beyond help and would never be a family dog. Some of them even insisted I give him back to the rescue group I got him from. I just couldn't see myself giving up on him though, he had a home for life with me when I adopted him.

I'm glad I didn't give up on him because now he's starting to come into his own. These agility classes have shown me just how far he's come. He plays well with other dogs and trusts me enough to learn new tricks, even the scary ones like the boardwalk (shown below). Plus, he was built for this kind of activity. He's fast on his feet and learns quickly enough that after 2 tries on new equipment he looks like a pro.

Sawyer on the boardwalk


And of course, after everything is all done, the only thing left to do in the day is to hold down the couch with your buddies. Jett even got in on the action.


Tuckered out

I can see this being something I keep doing with Sawyer, it's been a great way for us to get some quality time in together and it's obvious that he loves it. I find myself looking forward to Saturdays even more now :) Especially the wonderful days that Chris gets to join us!

If you have a dog and have ever wondered about taking agility classes, I can't recommend them enough. I'm pretty sure all breeds would benefit from this activity and you will build a closer bond with your furry friend. Canine Coach offers some of the best classes in the area, so check them out!