Playing with Yupo Paper

I was going to have an art date with a long lost MCADian friend but through glitches of miscommunication I had a solo art date which proved to be just as productive. I got to play with Yupo Paper which was really exciting and tried my patience in ways I'm not entirely used to. Right now I think my technique is sloppy and wastes a lot of supplies, but I learned some pretty valuable techniques along the way. Besides... the inks I used were about 3 years old now and kinda stink...they've seen too many birthdays. Might as well use them up fairly quickly. Here are the results of today's play time. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with them other than learn from them. If you're curious about techniques, read the captions or ask questions in the comments. Hoping to experiment with something less abstract in the future. Need to work on learning more control