The Crowned Jewels

For some reason, I've been pretty sluggish and generally feeling "meh" all day. Had a crazy awesome time at Agility class with Chris and Sawyer and watched some BSG. Didn't get anything done after Chris went to work though because I had a headache and zero energy. After some time browsing Pinterest, I was inspired to make something quick and easy. A while ago I had seen these neat crystal dagger earrings that the company was selling for $30. I thought that was pretty ridiculous so I ordered the crystals myself in the hopes of making something similar in the future for half the price.

Lo and behold, I think I one-upped them! pretty happy with these babies, can't wait to wear them to Dr. Sketchy's tomorrow. Speaking of which! I'm sponsoring a Dr. Sketchy's prize tomorrow. Donating a chain mail choker for the fun of it. Trying to get my work out there more. Too bad this website isn't done being updated. Oh well, it'll get there :)




Oh and that headache I had earlier? gone once I started pushing past it and focusing on the creativity. Pretty awesome!