Movin' and Groovin'

It's been a busy few months for me, most of it has involved moving to New Hope. Jungle Cat

Moving Truck

Took that big step with my boyfriend so now we get to pet-sit for one another when the one of us is working. Our schedules are so opposite, so that's basically what this amounts to. Just kidding, kind of...

Jett and Sawyer

Speaking of pets! they're adjusting well. After about a week and a half, one of Chris' cats stopped freaking out at my dog and now they are in the process of learning how to play. Pretty comical considering cat and dog body language is completely different and Fezzik still wants to rip Sawyer's happy little face off any time Sawyer is near. Pretty sure Sawyer can't tell the difference between Inigo and Fezzik.

Inigo and Fezzik

The first night here with the pets, my cat Midnight didn't stop growling from under the bed. He sounded like the little girl from the Exorcist, and I'm pretty sure I would have had twisted nightmares if only I fell asleep. Being an old fart who has lived in the same house for over 10 years, he had trouble changing things up. He's still not a fan of co-habitating with other cats but at least he's eating!


Sadly the new place doesn't have a fenced in yard. This makes Sawyer happy because he gets to go for walks 3-4 times a day. I've even decided to pick up running to help him lose a few pounds since I learned that he's about 5 pounds overweight for his breed combo. The neighborhood is really twisty and provides so many options for new paths.  I picked up some new running shoes today to start things out right.

Sawyer's walk-face

In addition to all of the walking, Sawyer and I are back into Agility! He did so well during the last session that we graduated to level 2. He's definitely kicking butt again and we're having so much fun. Great thing to look forward to every week :)

Taking notes

I'll wrap up this almost entirely pet focused post with Fezzik's favorite new lounge place.

Lounge Lizard

I can't avoid working on the TWS Cafe Press designs any more tonight. I just felt the need to rant about all of the excitement lately.