Dancing with Chaos

The other day I couldn't figure out how I got bruises on the inside of both elbows. I tried to think back to what we covered in Krav Maga on Monday but nothing we did would have affected my arms like that. I figured I just bruised more easily than I thought and left it at that. Fast forward to tonight when I decided to do some hooping in the garage under the condo complex and my arms instantly remembered how I got the bruises. I've been super focused on learning breaks and reversals which involve a lot of stopping the hoop very quickly and changing the current so the hoop moves in the other direction. Most of the breaks I do use the inside of my elbows. THAT was a fun reminder... ouch. The bruises are going to be nice and fresh tomorrow! I went to the cardiologist this afternoon to assuage my paranoid doctor's concern about my heart having its own little rhythm (which turned out to be a false alarm, YAY!). When the nurse was taking care of the standard pleasantries of checking vitals and whatnot, she quickly noticed the bruises and was very concerned if I felt safe at home... I think it's morbidly funny when I have to explain that my hobbies are abusive.

This Monday, I brought some hoops to class to play with before class started. Some of my classmates and the instructor asked to play with them. The instructor, Paula, was having a blast jamming out with reckless abandon. She was exploring all kinds of movement that took me a long time to be comfortable exploring when I was just starting out. The joy of playing was overwhelming any fear of "looking silly".

Watching Paula hoop made me think about the fact that I tend to think too much about  how I look to the passer-by. This causes me to be restrained in my movement to tricks I'm super comfortable with to minimize the risk of me messing up. This, combined with the fact that I don't make myself practice nearly enough, is why I'm not as advanced as I feel I should be after doing this for almost 3 years.

So tonight I decided to make myself  be a little more chaotic. I moved faster than usual so that I would have to react faster and think less. I had to improvise quickly when a move went awry. This resulted in lots of neat transitions and really cool spasms of pure flow. It felt amazing. At one point, later in the practice session, I randomly did a move I wanted to learn but just hadn't put the time into figuring out yet. It was this crazy one handed isolation spin that felt so cool I did it over and over again until I was dizzy and completely useless... and then I did it the reverse way. It made me happy. :)

Anyway, I'll keep this one short tonight. I know I suck at updating this blog, but I really like having it around. It's okay if it's mostly just for me. Thanks for reading if you made it this far!