Russian Pull-thrus!

Class last night provided what felt like a huge personal win! The focus of the Beginning Freerunning class was called "Russian Pull-thrus" and it was not the first time I had attempted them. About two weeks ago, during the Women's class, we started doing some underbar work and spent about 15 minutes on Russian Pull-thrus. They are these really neat suspended flips using two bars at a 90 degree angle. The basic variation uses one hand on a horizontal bar at about head level, and your other hand on the vertical bar next to you. As your arms extend, you kick your legs up in front and through the square-shaped opening  between your arms, you end up landing facing the same direction you were originally. Anyway, the first time I was supposed to do this move, I was still recovering from a weight lifting session I had had a few days prior and my back/shoulders/arms were useless. I felt weak and embarrassed when I was the only one who couldn't do it. My feet kicked up and smashed into the bar without being able to clear it. I kept getting freaked out when I doubted my arms could support me through the twist. To be fair, I seriously don't think they could in the state they were in, but I hated looking weak.

Last night, I got off work a little early and decided to go to the gym to hoop a bit, knowing that the Freerunning class was covering these again and doubting I would actually stay for the class. I'm finding that showing up is 99% of the battle. Once I'm there, my fears are pretty well gone and I can just give it my best shot. I'm glad I did because the feeling of getting it on the first try, with fully recovered arms, felt AMAZING!!! I don't care that Skinny says it's a stupidly easy move. Little wins like that are the best. :)

Making friends is becoming easier as well. I feel like I hide my insecurities with bitch-face sometimes and it makes talking to new people very difficult. The more I lighten up, the more I realize that just about everyone there wants to see everyone else succeed at whatever pace they are going. There are a few that probably couldn't care less about fluffy crap like that, but that's okay. I was praising this adorable 10-year-old kid for is awesome monkey-like skills, telling him how much I wish I had this kind of thing when I was his age and he just beamed with happiness while swinging into another impossibly effortless one handed pull-thru with that care-free "look what I can do" attitude.

Tonight I'm going to another weight training class, hopefully I won't be too broken for the next week. I'm looking forward to the time when working out doesn't feel like being run over by a steamroller the next day. My body just isn't used to this stuff because I've always wimped out before I saw results. The fact that all of this is helping my confidence so much is fueling my desire to go more often. I'm even getting over my fear of the "normal" classes!