Fools, Flips, and Flops

Well, FOFA classes continue to go well and I'm comfortably past the point of my usual drop off time. It just might stick! I didn't get to go to many classes this week but I did manage to go on Tuesday for a Beginner Parkour class. Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you want to look at it) the calendar that Mitch put up on Monday that shows what the weekly rotation of topics are was completely wrong. So when I thought it was a "B" day which meant I would be going to a class about Slap Outs and Landing Continuum 5-7 (honestly I have NO idea what that is, which is why I was curious enough to check it out), it was actually an "A" day which meant we were working on various Flying and Soaring Vaults.

Between not having the muscle memory of what each vault should look like, not feeling able to get the power from my legs and not feeling like my arms are strong enough to support me through the jump, vaults and I don't get along very well. Making them start sooner and end later with "flying" and "soaring" did not help matters at all. I'm not too proud to admit that my fear of vaults is so great that I was terrified of doing vaults in front of so many people. People that for the most part know vaults and can do them with all the fun flair that I can barely dream of achieving.

As panic stricken as I was during the first five minutes when I heard we were doing vaults, I ended up really enjoying the class because it got me doing something that was out of my comfort zone. I got to hang out with some great people and work on getting better at something I might usually avoid. I need to get over that silly fear, this was just more proof that showing up is 99% of the battle for me.

Tonight I decided to check out the "Flips!" class and see if it's something I should bother with. My knees are still being cranky little jerks about all this fitness stuff so I had my doubts. I'll be honest, as the title of this post implies, my attempts at flips were pretty much all flops. But I had fun. I'm slowly getting over my paranoia of being the only woman in class and realizing it really, truly, absolutely doesn't matter. The guys are all great and welcoming, and they never do anything to make me feel awkward.

The random doodle below is a reference to one of the guys in class constantly wanting to add fire to things to make it more fun. The original is from the amazing Hyperbole and a Half, you should go read it now.


Time for bed, we'll see how angry my knees are in the morning. My goal is to go to two classes tomorrow, Weaponry and Workout with Chad...(they need to come up with a better name for that class...)