Broken but not Finished

I'm writing this from the awkward discomfort of my bed, surrounded by my three cats, a dog, and a mountain of pillows. Yes, it's past 4 in the afternoon and I'm still in bed. Why? Because I'm a lazy slob with nothing better to do? No... because of this:


I zigged when I should have zagged

Yep, that's my fibula. I broke it on Monday night while running through an obstacle course during a time challenge. Pushed myself just a little too hard and caught my foot on the edge of the 3-foot deck as I was jumping to the ground. With the momentum I had, I couldn't stop from falling and my leg had just a little too much twist mid-air. I knew something broke before I hit the concrete and was darn lucky nothing else broke when I landed. 

My friends responded quickly; Chad, Mika, Mitch, and Jeff helped me to the couch and assessed the damages while keeping me in good spirits. Jeff drove me to the nearest urgent care where my leg and wrist were x-rayed to figure out what all was damaged. According to the rules of the obstacle course game we were playing, I owe Chad 50 push ups... I hope he doesn't charge interest...

For a leg break, I'm pretty lucky that it was the fibula, which is a non-weight bearing bone. It should heal much more quickly than if it had been the tibia right next to it. The interesting part is the doctor thinks that we might be able to just let it heal as is, without surgically correcting it. He doesn't think it will impact the strength of the leg or mobility of the joint. So I might permanently have a funky zig-zagging bone. He said he's never seen this kind of break without also seeing significant ankle or knee damage accompanying it. As I've been saying a lot this week, it could have been a lot worse.

According to the doctor, I should expect the bone to take about 8 weeks to heal, and another 8 weeks to feel normal. I'm really hoping that's a conservative estimate and that I'll be better well before then. It feels kind of miserable facing the entire summer with that kind of time table. However, I do feel pretty lucky that I don't need a cast, at least for the time being. Unfortunately the removable boot they gave me feels as heavy as a steel-toed boot when I wear it and hurts like hell!

Counting down the days

Being bed-ridden is driving me crazy. I'm so used to doing things for myself, like being able to drive places, walk AND carry things at the same time, cook food for myself when I'm hungry, go to work or to the gym... all of these things are now either daunting tasks or simply impossible. 

I'm extremely grateful for the patience Chris has shown during the past week. For as much as I'm complaining about being stuck in bed, he really gets the raw end of the deal; having to take care of all the pets, walk the dog, make food, clean, run errands, and deal with me constantly trying to hobble around the apartment to do stuff for myself until he shoos me back to bed. There are many reasons why I love him and this really drives it home. We take care of each other when we need it, and when bad things happen we work through it together. 

Although this accident happened while training parkour, I'm not at all deterred from continuing to train once I heal. In fact, I'm determined to get back to the gym well before my leg is better to start working on upper body strength. This might set me back a little but I'm still excited about my progress, the friendships I've made, and the community I'm becoming part of. Parkour has been an amazing addition to my life and I see this as just another obstacle to overcome. Injuries happen but there's no sense in letting them stop you from living your life to the fullest.