Snagged Threads

This summer has been a pretty challenging one for me. Spending the nicests months of the year effectively immobilized while my leg healed was extremely depressing. I had all these high hopes of training outside and making some real progress with parkour, I just launched the local women's parkour meetups, and had finally integrated going to the gym in my schedule. It was a priority, which has always been the struggle for me. After 4 months or so, it's hard for me to think about what's next, but I think that September is my line in the sand and I'm excited to ease back into it. Autumn is in the air and the cool air tells me that winter is coming. Soon the gym will be my sanctuary again and I can't wait! I love connecting with people who do amazing things, it motivates me to keep evolving. 

Earlier this week I went to lunch with my boss and mentor. We occasionally go to Wok in the Park for their lunch special and Vietnamese iced coffee. It's a nice, low key way to check-in about how work is going and just connect on a human level. Mahtab's personality is engaging, her laugh fills a room, and her passion for quality experiences is inspiring. These lunch meetings always give me something to think on and this week was no different. 

When we got back to the office, I wrote down some thoughts about what we talked about and this analogy about people really stuck with me:

People are like colorful threads and the time you spend with them weaves integral details into the tapestry of your life. When those threads get snagged or pulled out, something feels like it’s missing and can’t be retrieved. Our experiences are tied to the people we share them with so when someone leaves your life it can feel like those experiences are lost or invalidated since you can't go back and relive them with someone else. It's painful and your eye keeps going back to that snag because it's just so obviously there. However, it's important to remember those moments are valuable on their own and help paint the greater picture of who you are. The tapestry might not be perfect, few things are. Learning from an experience and letting it educate future decisions is part of figuring out what it means to be human. 

I wanted to write it down so I would have someplace to come back to it again in the future, but I also thought it felt worth sharing because I know I'm not the only one who experiences this.

During our lunch date, we talked about a few other topics that were more work and task management related which I would like to explore in greater detail. Things like not being a slave to constantly checking email, breaking projects into 15 minute long chunks, and using notes to capture quick thoughts that might otherwise distract me. I might report back on those later once I've had a chance to explore them. 

I want to get into the habit of writing more. Even though this summer felt like a pitty party for my leg, I actually did a lot of fun things that I wish I had captured. Whether I keep a personal journal using Day One (which is an awesome app by the way) or share things here on my website, I think writing helps me keep it all in perspective. It's just hard to find the time!