September Progress Video

In August, I started to record video of me practicing various hobbies so that I could track progress over time. The main focus is tracking improvements with parkour and freerunning because I'm so new at it. 

This process of putting the videos together is a quite painful, self-criticizing all the things newbies do when they aren't familiar with new movements. My arms flap around a lot. My landings suck. Why can't I jump farther? Do I really look like that in class? But so far, I've been able to see improvements already, even in individual training sessions. That feels pretty awesome. Seeing what I'm doing wrong brings issues into greater focus and motivates me to work harder. 

Eventually, I'm sure I'll look back on these videos and feel good about how much I've learned.

I 'm posting both August and September because I didn't do a post last month. So enjoy a double-whammy of silliness!

September 2013 

September felt like lots of botched precisions. I think my biggest take away from watching this collection of clips is to stop flapping my arms around so much and absorb more of the landings with my knees. My precisions look pretty close but I keep bailing at the last moment.

 August 2013

This is the first in a hopefully long lasting tradition of posting videos of my progress in various hobbies including fire dancing, hooping, parkour, freerunning and weaponry. We'll see how this format goes, I'm sure it will evolve over time depending on what I'm focused on. This was a pretty busy month!